IPX-652 The lewd secretary when she was drunk and the ending

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Miu and her boyfriend have known each other for a while. But since she won a beauty contest and decided to work in a normal office job, her boyfriend's attitude is completely different. He was just like everyone else, always saying that she just needed to use her beauty and do superficial jobs. Such words made Miu feel extremely uncomfortable. This time she went on a business trip with Takeda department head. Because the train had trouble, the two had to stay at the hotel. Having been interested in Miu for a long time, this seemed like a godsend opportunity for Takeda. He moves forward and takes over Miu. Even though she couldn't speak, Miu almost didn't resist Takeda. Gradually, the sexual pleasure that Takeda brings makes Miu no longer care about her boyfriend. She indulged herself in sexual pleasure that she had never known before. The two continued to enjoy themselves all night until the next morning even though Miu's boyfriend was at home anxiously waiting for her to return...

IPX-652 The lewd secretary when she was drunk and the ending
 Movie Code: IPX-652 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Miu Shiramine