Going on a business trip with a prostitute boss

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Uzuki still doesn't want to get married, which is often ridiculed by everyone in the company. This time he and Hoshi traveled with everyone in the company, as well as learned more about their expertise. However, on the first night, Dean Amy found a way to be alone with him and was seduced by him! Ever since he and Hoshi found out they were dating, he realized that Dean was always interested in Suzuki, and Amy was always jealous and wanted to take him back from his girlfriend. This trip was the best opportunity Imi has ever had. She continuously seduced Suzuki even when his girlfriend and others were nearby. In particular, Eimi allows him to get naked and cum inside her pussy! Something he cannot do with his current girlfriend.

Going on a business trip with a prostitute boss
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 Actor: Eimi Fukada